First meeting of the new Board of Údarás na Gaeltachta in Na Forbacha, Co. Galway

7 December, 2012

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The first meeting of the new Board of Údarás na Gaeltachta, chaired by Anna Ní Ghallachair, took place in Na Forbacha, Co. Galway. (7 December).

A wide range of topics was discussed at the meeting, including enterprise projects, work programme, and procedures relating to the requirements of the organisation’s governance procedures. It was agreed that a specific discussion in relation to the organisations language planning and development strategy for the future would take place at the next Board meeting.

Údarás management informed members of the Board that a total of €18.6m will be available from the Exchequer for capital and current expenditure. An estimate capital budget of c. €10 million, from the Exchequer and from the organisation’s own income sources, will be available for job creation. An tÚdarás is hopeful that the organisation will be able to obtain additional capital funding as a result of its co-operation with other national development agencies such as Enterprise Ireland, IDA, BIM and Bord Bia, to assist in the promotion of enterprise activities which will help maintain current employment levels and stimulate further growth. The Board welcomed the €3.4 million provided by the Exchequer for community and language development activities.

The Minister of State Dinny McGinley T.D. met with the new Board and discussions took place regarding the budget for 2013; functions of the Údarás in accordance with the 20 Year Strategy for the Irish language and the Gaeltacht Act 2012, and the importance of strengthening the enterprise development and job creation role of the organisation. The Board expressed its concern over the decision to amalgamate COGG and the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment.