Excellent Customer Services delivered all the way from Gaoth Dobhair 

22 October, 2021

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Charlie Boyle is the founder and owner of Customer Service Excellence Ireland (CXEI), a company providing a national recognition programme for those aspiring towards excellence in customer service.  

CXEI first crossed the threshold of the gteic@Gaoth Dobhair digital hub in 2018. From the outset, Charlie enthusiastically engaged in the concept of working from a digital hub. He interacted and linked with other hub members upon joining and embarked on a mission of networking with as many people around him as possible. It wasn’t long before CXEI progressed from being a newbie to becoming an integral member who promoted the hub and became an ambassador for the gteic network.  

“gteic@Gaoth Dobhair provides an environment with a broad range of businesses much different and diverse than our own and therefore we can network with those companies and learn and share ideas and opportunities.” 

CXEI services a wide range of customers both in Ireland and abroad. The gteic@Gaoth Dobhair hub is located on the most westerly seaboard of Europe but Charlie views this, in his naturally positive manner, as a plus.  

“The story of being based in a rural setting is now a positive as opposed to a drawback as it might have been in the past. It takes me less than fifteen minutes to get to work here through stunning scenery and I like the fact that the gteic building is on par with anything you would see in New York or London or Dublin yet it’s here on the Wild Atlantic Way in the heart of my community.” 

Pre March 2020, the company provided its customer service evaluation solution from gteic@Gaoth Dobhair and by travelling to onsite courses and meetings. This was not as difficult as it may seem.  

“If it is required that we meet a company based in Dublin, we can be there quickly and efficiently from Donegal Airport. Much of our work is through a Belfast based company and that’s 2.5 hours away.”      

COVID provided a challenge but also an opportunity to learn. 

“COVID has made us more efficient and effective and we are working on our improved ability to deliver online and remotely.” 

Since then CXEI and Charlie find themselves in good stead. The company has grown from two to four employees and has expanded its customer base into new and exciting sectors. The future looks bright for this company that embraces and typifies the concept of the gteic digital hub network. 

“We are very proud to be located in gteic@Gaoth Dobhair and find that it fits into the story of what we do and how we do it.” 

Customer Service Excellence Ireland (CXEI) provides a national recognition programme for those aspiring towards excellence in customer service from gteic@Gaoth Dobhair which is located on the Údarás na Gaeltachta Business Park, Páirc Ghnó Ghaoth Dobhair, in the Donegal Gaeltacht in the northwest of Ireland. www.cseireland.ie 

gteic@Gaoth Dobhair is part of the gteic Gréasán Digiteach na Gaeltachta (Gaeltacht Digital Network) and a growing digital ecosystem which will see hubs in 31 Gaeltacht locations countrywide when complete. It is a state-of-the-art innovation & digital hub where the unique Gaeltacht culture drives creativity and innovation.