Campaign launched to support Gaeltacht businesses during Christmas

24 June, 2021

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Seomra Polaireacht Coolavig, meirge Múscraí

The Language Planning Officers launched a brand new campaign entitled ‘Christmas Stuff’ with the hashtag #BuySaGaeltacht in December 2020. The aim of the campaign was to attract the Gaeltacht community in general and further afield to Gaeltacht businesses and products during Christmas period. Businesses throughout the Gaeltacht were given a unique opportunity to publicize their products and services in Irish in their local areas and nationally on LPT social media. Not only that, but it was an effective way of strengthening the alliance between the community and Gaeltacht traders and demonstrating the special value of publicity in Irish to all businesses.

“The #buannasaGhaeltacht campaign had a huge impact on my business, many new people followed my Facebook page, I got all the orders for it, I was on a few radio and social media programs about the campaign and I found out more publicity opportunities since then. ”

—Andrew Carroll, narrower & business owner in Rathcairn

‘The aim was to support Gaeltacht businesses in attracting a wider community. Local businesses often have to compete with well-known online companies and this campaign gave Gaeltacht communities the opportunity to support each other in their Christmas shopping. It was a great opportunity for the people of the Gaeltacht to support each other during this difficult time and of course there were cute goodies available ’.

—Liadh Ní Riadh, OPT Mhúscraí

An comhlacht Tábla i Múscraí
Seomra Polaireacht Coolavig, Múscraí