Waterford Oysters

Meitheal Trá na Rinne Teo was established in 1990 in order to prepare, market and sell oysters for its producer members in Dungarvan Bay. Nestled snugly in the An Rinn (Ring) Gaeltacht, it currently sells products from four oyster farmers who collectively produce between around 500-600 tonnes of top-quality oysters annually.

Meitheal Trá na Rinne Teo’s idyllic location in a tidal bay on the south coast of Ireland offers unique growing conditions for its oysters. Meitheal Trá na Rinne now have a state of the art factory where they grade and prepare the product for sale.

Pictiúr de n'Oisrí den scoth atá á sholáthar ag Meitheal Trá na Rinne

An Rinn
Waterford Irish Oysters grow in the flood of wild Atlantic waters that fill our bay twice a day, every day.

How did the Údarás help?

As a result of support given by Údarás na Gaeltachta, Meitheal Trá na Rinne now have a state of the art factory with the most modern equipment where oysters are graded and prepared for market. The benefits of Údarás na Gaeltachta’s support can be seen not only by way of direct employment created but also a noticeable spin off effect in the surrounding area.

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Pictiúr d'Oisrí