Cape Clear Distillery

Gin distillery has been established on Cape Island, the only distillery of its kind located on the island of Ireland. A feat achieved by Cape Clear Island where gin is produced from November on and on the shelves in the area and selling well.

Now that the Gins unique taste has been perfected, they must keep pace with the demand which is increasing.  There product is being sold locally and an overseas market is being developed.

It is amazing how people came together in Cape Clear, not only to invest in developing the project but also own gin. It was a group of women from the Island who spent a lot of time at perfecting a formula until they came up with a unique Island flavour.

For business purposes the Cooperative set up an independent company and established Cape Distillery Limited. There are many shareholders in the company, some of whom took part in the campaign that started last year to attract investment through a scheme which offers potential for small investors to have a share.