Able Table

Able Table Ltd. is a manufacturing business established in January 2015 to design, manufacture and sell tables suitable for wheelchair operators. They are now in business for 3 years with two full-time employees.

The Able Table has a friendly and inviting design that allows educators, parents and caregivers alike to provide nurturing hand-over-hand assistance in a comfortable space.

All Able Tables are available in both static and adjustable models to accommodate wheelchairs of all shapes and sizes.

Pictiúr don Tábla Ábalta in úsáid

Pictiúr don Tábla Ábalta
The Adjustable Able table can raise from 64cm to 94cm, easily and in seconds with the touch of a button.
pictúir don Tábla Ábalta Céadfach
With 4 removable cutouts and 4 basin inserts the Sensory Able Table allows for easy to clean and easily accessible sensory work and messy play.
Pictiúr don Tábla Ábalta Néata
This 4 seater Able Table is perfect for smaller rooms and residential settings. Seats up to 2 wheelchair users and 2 peers. Also available in an adjustable model.

How did the Údarás help?

Údarás na Gaeltachta provided a production facility for the company in Ráth Chairn, Co. Meath and grant aid was provided based on the company’s needs at that time.

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Pictúir don Tábla Áblta
Pictiúr congarach Tábla Áblta
Tábla Ábalta ag gradaim an SFA
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