Operational Excellence

The Operational Excellence Offer, provided by Údarás na Gaeltachta in conjunction with Enterprise Ireland, enables Gaeltacht companies trading internationally to transform their wider business in order to compete more effectively. Through an integrated application process, the offer allows eligible businesses to access financial support for business or operational change projects as well as the capability building and capital investment associated with innovation.

The aim of the offer is to support established companies (SME and Large) to address their competitive challenges and growth opportunities through a transformation project that would include investment in:

  • Business Innovation: the implementation of new and innovative production, delivery or organisational methods
  • Capital equipment, including investment in digitisation
  • Capability building through training in Lean, Leadership, Innovation and Digitisation

The identifiable project around which the growth plan is structured should involve a significant change in how the company does business and should not be focused on routine operational changes. Examples could include:

  • Production Line Redesign- a manufacturing company investing in new equipment and integrated software systems to implement a new production method using lean principles and training of staff;
  • Process Restructure – a services company providing bespoke creative design services implementing a new production method, involving new standardised process design, automation of parts of the process and training of staff in lean principles;

Supply Chain Management – company implementing new methods of doing business with suppliers and partners, including investment in new equipment, software development and training of management and staff.