The Donegal Gaeltacht – A New Life Awaits post Covid-19

Údarás na Gaeltachta launches a video campaign to attract people to the Donegal Gaeltacht post-Covid-19

5 October, 2020

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Dhún na nGall

Údarás na Gaeltachta has launched a video campaign to highlight the quality of life and the opportunities that await people and families in the Donegal Gaeltacht.


The Donegal Gaeltacht – A New Life Awaits – What are you waiting for? is the campaign’s main slogan which aims, once COVID-19 restrictions are lifted, to attract people to find a better work life balance and take full advantage of all the opportunities that await them in the Donegal Gaeltacht.


Not only will this campaign attract Gaeltacht people living elsewhere in Ireland, it also focuses on the Irish diaspora and demonstrates how you can operate effectively from the gteic digital hubs located in Gaeltacht areas.


The video  illustrates the beauty of the Gaeltacht, the Gaoth Dobhair and Na Rosa areas in this context, as well as all the facilities, recreational and educational activities available to people and families living in the area.


Údarás na Gaeltachta’s Chief Executive Officer Mícheál Ó hÉanaigh, speaking at the launch this morning said:

“A new and better life awaits in the Donegal Gaeltacht and Údarás na Gaeltachta wants to demonstrate that to the entire world. The effects of the COVID-19 virus has shown us the challenges and opportunities created for people who wish to move out of cities and get a taste of a more balanced worklife. When COVID-19  restrictions are lifted, we would like to show them that this type of life is available in Gaeltacht areas around the country.  The gteic digital hub network we are developing provides excellent facilities throughout the Gaeltacht.”


gteic@Gaoth Dobhair has been open to the public for the past two years and is part of 31 digital & innovation hubs with highspeed broadband access developed by Údarás na Gaeltachta in areas throughout the Gaeltacht. As a result of financial support secured under RRDF funding a new floor is nearing completion which will add another possible 100 desks to the fantastic facilities available at gteic@Gaoth Dobhair.


gteic@Gaoth Dobhair provides excellent facilities for businesses, innovators, entrepreneurs and remote workers at competitive rates and a creative and dynamic workspace.

All information in relation to the opportunities available in the Donegal Gaeltacht is available by emailing


The video campaign will be available to view on Údarás na Gaeltachta’s social media channels with a link to the organisation’s YouTube channel and organisations in Donegal and in the Gaeltacht are being encouraged to share it widely.





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