Meeting of community development, co-operatives, islands and underdeveloped regions’ subcommittee

3 August, 2006

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Certain industries associated with community development in the Gaeltacht and on the islands were discussed at a meeting held by the Community Development, Co-operatives, Islands and Underdeveloped Regions’ Subcommittee in Sligo recently.

The substantial progress in Gaeltacht areas by the Rural Social Scheme and the Community Employment Scheme was discussed. More than 450 people are employed on the Rural Social Scheme throughout the Gaeltacht. 2,400 are employed nationally on the scheme and these figures indicate how successful the scheme is in the Gaeltacht. More than 350 people are employed on the Community Employment Scheme throughout the Gaeltacht.

The Subcommittee welcomed the Community Services Programme which was announced recently. It was learned that expressions of interest forms were sent to POBAL and that a decision is expected soon. This scheme will be of great benefit to the Gaeltacht.

The results of a survey on transport services on the islands were discussed. The survey showed that Gaeltacht islands which availed of the Rural Transport Service Scheme provided by Bealach and Síob Teo delivered a good service.

The role of co-operatives/community organisations in the Gaeltacht and their agendas during 2007 – 2013 were also reviewed. It was agreed that every organisation/cooperative should have a strategic plan for the period and that priority would be given to certain sectors, such as:

  • energy
  • tourism
  • community development
  • strengthening and development of the Irish language and culture
  • community services