“Gníomh don Ghaeltacht” and “Baile Beo” 2006 competition

2 October, 2006

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Údarás na Gaeltachta has today commenced the adjudicating process for the 2006 “Gníomh don Ghaeltacht” and “Baile Beo” competitions. Adjudicating will take place in the Mayo Gaeltacht over the next two days, followed by the Galway, Donegal, Waterford, Cork and Kerry Gaeltacht, and culminating in Co. Meath.

“Gníomh don Ghaeltacht” aims to motivate committees and organisations to take responsibility for development in their own area. A generous prizefund is available through this scheme and more than seventy organisations and committees are taking part in the competition.

“An Baile Beo” is solely committed to the promotion of cultural tourism in the Gaeltacht and aims to boost the Irish language, image and culture in every Gaeltacht town and area so that it will be clear, to the tourist in particular, that she/he is in a Gaeltacht area. Údarás na Gaeltachta and the County Councils with responsibility for the Gaeltacht areas are cofinancing the prizefund for the scheme.

Adjudicating on the two competitions will continue until the end of the month and awards will be presented in November.