Gcom Teoranta in na Forbacha to cease trading

1 July, 2008

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A decision has been made by the steering board of Gcom Teoranta to cease trading effective from the end of July 2008.

Gcom Teo was established by Údarás na Gaeltachta in 1987 and since then has been involved in the development of information technology and telecommunications in the Gaeltacht in order to improve the competitiveness of indigenous Gaeltacht companies. In addition, Gcom provided training courses in computer skills for Gaeltacht schools, companies and members of the public.

For the past ten years Gcom has been dependent on funding from transnational projects which were part-financed by the European Union under various programmes. However, changes have emerged recently that have created difficulties for the company from a funding point of view.

Chief-executive of Údarás na Gaeltachta, Pádraig Ó hAoláin said in reference to the decision; “Gcom has done great work in recent times for the progression of technology in the Gaeltacht, but because of the decrease in the amount of research and development programmes from the European Union; the delay in the development of new European projects; reduction of funding available from the European Union because of competition from Eastern European countries and the lack of demand on their services from Gaeltacht client companies, the Steering Board has decided to close the company”.

There were three people employed by Gcom and their employment will terminate at the end of the month.