Fibín Teo nominated for the Allianz Business to Arts Awards 2008

12 June, 2008

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Ealaín na Gaeltachta are pleased to announce that Fíbín Teo, the award winning Irish language children’s theatre company have been nominated for a prestigious Allianz Business to Arts Award for 2008. The nomination was given in honour of the professional excellence and high standard achieved in a marketing and publicity project which Fíbín undertook with Cúla4, (TG4’s flagship children’s television programme). Fíbín realised that they shared the same audiences with Cúla4, and came to the conclusion that working together on a publicity strategy would be mutually beneficial to both parties. Fíbín were able to enhance their profile on a national level through television advertisements produced and broadcast by TG4, while, in exchange, Fíbín gave Cúla4 access to the nationwide audience of children they had built up over the years. This was an audience Cúla4 had previously found difficult to reach and as a result, Cúla4’s brand awareness was raised nationwide.