An Ghaeltacht Láir

An Ghaeltacht Láir is a very large Gaeltacht Language Planning Area (LPT) that stretches from Clochán, in the Gleann Fhinne parish, to Dúchoraidh, and southward to Srath Buí and on to Gleann Mór na nGleanntach and Éadan Anfach.

According to the 2016 Census, 1,595 people lived in this LPT, and 21.9% of this population over 3 years of age spoke Irish on a daily basis.

The Language Plan


The approved language plan.

Lead organisation

Gleann Fhinne CTR

Language Planning Committee:
Plean Teanga don Ghaeltacht Láir

Gleann Fhinne CTR
An Clochán Beag
An Clochán
Co. Dhún na nGall